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'Changu Changu Moto' means 'Fast fast fire'. Deforestation is a critical issue in Malawi with forests disappearing rapidly. in rural areas a major use of firewood is for cooking. The aim of this project is to teach as many people as possible how to build these simple clay efficient stoves so that we can drastically reduce the rate of deforestation.
to find out more scroll down for an in depth explanation of how the project works
How you can help! 
Is all it costs to provide a family with a life changing efficient clay stove!
Providing construction training, family follow ups, App Mapping and the seeds and planning tubes per family 
can slash wood consumption
by 65% slowing the rate at which
trees are cut down!
Produces less smoke
Pots are stable preventing


As part of our reforestation programme we are introducing the 'Changu Changu Moto' project (meaning fast fast fire in Chichewa).  We teach people in the community to make efficient clay ovens, reducing the amount of firewood used in a household by up to 65%.  In Malawi trees are used for everything, building houses, making furniture, burning bricks, heating water, cooking and making tools- just to name a few.  With Malawi’s rapidly expanding population, trees continue to be stripped from the land, with minimal efforts to reverse the trend.

We started our schools reforestation programme several years ago, creating a forum to teach children about deforestation and how to grow trees from seeds and transplant seedlings, as part of the tree project. One of the greatest needs for wood is cooking.  Cooking on an open fire uses a huge amount of firewood, creates plumes of smoke and is dangerous for children.

Our project staff teach people in the community to make Changu Changu Moto stoves, using village tools and naturally available resources. Each family then receives 10 seeds to grow, 5 fruit trees and 5 indigenous trees in return for building a family member or neighbour a stove.  This will encourage, passing on skills and changing generations to come.

Once a changu changu moto has been built members of the community continue to reap the benefits saving money and time. this is because as they will now be using a fraction of the wood for cooking. As a result they don't need to buy nearly as much or spend hours collecting week each week. Also these stoves hold their heat through the night so we have been told there is no longer a need to buy matches as they can easily rekindle a fire from the embers!


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