The chick chick projects runs two fold.  Firstly it runs in 5 schools to provide a practical side to the agriculture syllabus and a small amount of income for schools.  Secondly it provides business start ups for pro-active members of the local community.
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Is the cost of providing a member
of the community with a
micro-business start up
We also work with schools to offer practical education alongside their curriculum


Through our partners Fisherman’s Rest is setting up and supporting Community Poultry Projects.  The objective is to support community development in rural areas with small, self-sustaining poultry smallholdings. The programme has also provided relevant education in schools (farming techniques, good farming practice, business methods, nutrition and animal health) the sales of eggs and chickens gives the school a small income.

Bothwell, (one of the pilot members of the scheme), was a hardworking subsistence farmer making a living from the little he has. Although capable and willing to work hard to generate sufficient capital, turning a subsistence farm into a profitable smallholding is extremely difficult and unlikely without support from lending institutions and the backing of institutions willing to give advice and a helping hand. Bothwell now runs a successful independent poultry business with his wife and works full time for Fisherman's Rest looking after schools and implementing other micro-businesses. 

This project provides all the backing and support necessary for a successful venture, including (but not limited to):


                                                                         1) capital assistance to be paid forward
                                                                         2) setup support
                                                                         3) management support
                                                                         4) ongoing project appraisal and troubleshooting


The recipients are selected from individuals and institutions showing potential or already engaged in community support. The recipients obligation is to continue helping others through donating their chicken's offspring to the next micro-business.

Thee Project in Schools is an educational platform where children in standard 6 are able to have a practical element to their learning.  They form the poultry club and learn about hen husbandry, broilers and simple business principles.  The small profits made from school egg sales and broiler sales are paid into the school fund.

If you would like to make a donation to this project please click the link below

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