Why we need your help


Malawi's COVID cases are rising, we are launching an emergency COVID education team to build awareness about prevention, to protect local communities.  The team will work alongside local government health workers to:


- Provide education about signs and symptoms

- Communicate precautions that reduce risk and transmission

- Take time to answer questions about COVID

- Provide facemasks and soap to every attending household



COVID related fear and misconceptions are rife in Malawi; many people believe 90% of people who contract it die, that it is only a rich persons virus, that medical face masks contain the virus, and that local remedies are the best cure.  Basic preventive measures of hand washing, keeping a distance, wearing a mask, not shaking hands etc are often less mentioned than best ways to boil eucalyptus leaves as a COVID cure.


We have a budget for 1000 households, which will reach 5000+ people (including children).  

If you would like to contribute to further our reach, £1 will provide COVID education, facemasks and soap to one family.  If you are able to support an entire village to receive COVID awareness (an average village has 200 households,1000+ people), this would cost £200.