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          The library project aims to see a functioning and fully stocked library in every school within our 2 local districts.  
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How you can help!


Through our partnerships we are able to bring quality reading materials to students and teachers in their schools.


In August 2014, A team from Hope 4 Malawi joined us to open the new library at Mpemba Primary School which they funded. The library has been painted with cartoon characters, colourful shelves and equipped with desks and chairs for the students to study on. A simple classification system has been established and organised in such a way that teachers and students can easily navigate their way around.

To date we have built and fully stocked 5 libraries complete with full-time librarians, these librarians have proved essential, ensuring the books are well kept, monitored and signed in and out of the libraries. The Librarians also help the children read, learn new things and build on their education outside of school hours as well as in.

We will be opening more libraries in our local primary schools in the near future and we will be adding IT technology to provide additional learning resources and opportunities.


If you would like to find out more about our library projects, please e-mail for more information.

Buys a 'Char Char Trust' Chichewa to
English Dictionary allowing the children to understand basic English words and
meanings in a fun and relevant
Will provide a complete set of
curriculum Books that the children use
alongside  their classes.
Is required to build a double or triple school block including a
fully stocked library. Mpemba school was our first 
library and In 2017 the number of children selected for
national and district secondary schools exceeded that of
the 160 schools in Blantyre rural combined.  This has been
attributed to the library by the
Department of Education
Libraries have been now built to date with more on the way
books are borrowed each month. Scanned in and out of our libraries using a mobile phone and
Library app!
children are visiting our libraries each month!
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