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Will provide teaching for a boy and girl 
they will learn about their bodies, gender roles
menstrual hygiene and how to help and respect
one another.
Can also buy a life changing 
menstrual hygiene pack allowing 
girls to maintain their dignity
and stay in school
 Project my girl has the simple aim to restore the dignity of girls in rural Malawi by educating them about their bodies and providing them with sanitary packs so they can attend school throughout the month, supporting girls educations and realising their dreams and aspirations.
to find out more scroll down for an in depth explanation of how the project works
How you can help! 
Provides us with the funds to train a mother 
in the community. After her training she will then 
support and teach girls in schools, facilitated by our staff. this way we are encouraging the community to break taboos and stigmas surrounding 
We now employ a full-time tailor with two apprentices to make packs containing 2 pairs of knickers, 5 pads and a bar of soap.
Nearly 1600
Girls Trained!
If this subject resonates with you why not go big! 
£1,500 is what it takes to provide a full programme at
a school. teaching the Mothers, boys and girls,
providing girls packs and boys campaign bands.
 This really is a life changing project.


Girls in Malawi are often marginalised and descriminated against, one of the main reasons for this is poor understanding of menstruation. We want to put a stop to this crippling problem and see that every girl has the opportunity to succeed alongside their male counterparts.

Our hope is that like minded women and men jump on board with us and fight for girls to have a future in Malawi.

When girls enter puberty and start menstruating they generally drop out of school. Toilets in schools have no water or lights, sorting yourself out in these conditions is neither hygienic or easy. Girls suffer medical problems from poor hygiene and culturally periods are not spoken about.


more often than not girls do not even have underwear. The girls tie material to themselves with string because that is all they have available to them.  As you can imagine when it is the time of the month things can get incredibly difficult, some girls even wrap rags around themselves or fill their underwear with cotton wool and waste fabrics. Some do not even have rags and use banana leaves.

Please follow the link below if you would like to make a donation.

If you would like to know more – drop us an email!


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