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2023 Project Report: Where do Donations For Non-Profit Organisations End Up.

Updated: Feb 28

Specifically, we are talking about where your donations to Malawi end up. Our financial reports can be found on the Charity Commission website here

But this blog is all about the tangible impact stories, numbers and logistics, behind your donations and what it all looks like for the people behind the numbers. 

Group of children in Malawi squeezing to smile at the camera

Let’s start with Rona. 

 A few years ago, Rona was at her wits’ end…

 Where she spent her childhood the land was healthy and her parents valued nature and trees, they had taught her to respect nature and the environment.

But Rona got married and moved from her family home. 

Her new land had poor soil and was infertile. Year after year, her crops failed and she was spending what little money the family had on firewood and charcoal, just to prepare a little food. She was being squeezed and making choices between her children having access to education, new clothes or eating. 

Forget shoes, there was no money for shoes. 

It pained her not to be able to provide for her children.

Rona knew the importance of nature and trees, but not the species to plant that would really make a life changing difference. She had never been introduced to these fast growing, nitrogen fixing and harvestable trees, so the possibility hadn’t even entered her mind.

The struggle to live seemed to stretch out before her, with no answer. 

Until the Tree Project came to her village. 

Rona leapt at the chance to join the project, and she has encouraged others to do the same.

With training workshops, education, seed collections and seed provision from the Tree Project, Rona now has a forest and her soil is healing with good trees on her land. She has fruit which she eats, trades and sells. She uses her own firewood, coppiced from her rapid-growth trees. Rona even has enough wood to sell small bundles at the market. 

Life has extra. 

She no-longer has to choose between clothes, food and school contributions. 

Such a simple thing.

Yet her life has changed forever. 

Read more about her story in our 2023 report.

Or maybe your interest isn’t so much in conservation and tree planting…

You want to know more about education.

You want to know what we do in schools, where donations go for schools, BRAVE and libraries? 

If you bought one of our curriculum packs online as a gift for someone (or a one-off gift for a school in Malawi), then your books are in Horton Library, giving students access to core subjects,  enabling their self-studies and learning.

Or BRAVE funding? 

How has that impacted people? 

BRAVE isn’t just about donating sanitary pads to girls in Malawi. The project goes hand in hand with working with boys AND girls. Providing FREE 10 weeks of life-changing, Malawi-written curriculum, about young adolescent development. 

And cloth pads, pants and soap.

It’s all about doing life well and supporting each other no-matter what. 

So Thomas took it to heart and shared his story with us…

If you want to read it, it’s tucked away inside our report under BRAVE for you to enjoy. 

Your donations, your generous giving, has kept us going and we cannot thank you enough for your support. 

Any questions, or to find out how you can further support Malawi email us at:

2023 Report:

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