Making Malda's

January 7, 2019

Just incase you ever end up living in the wild outback where mains water has failed to reach you, we thought it would be a really great opportunity to give a crash course in building a Malda borehole.


We installed a Malda water point (borehole) in Ntayamwana earlier in the year and recently trialed a hand drilling rig too.  Why?  Because a lot of the communities we work in can only be accessed by foot.  When a motorized drilling rig cannot physically reach your home, and believe us, in Malawi this is a common occurrence.  Then your only options are a river or pit well, a malda or a manual drilling rig and somehow to organise and find the money for one of these options to get to your home.  Unfortunately, even a £750 Malda, the more affordable of the two options is out of reach of the majority.


But with our help with the big things the little things can get done.  So here are the steps,


  1. a member of the community donates ideal land.  We like communities to agree to donate land as they are receiving a free gift and therefore need to make a plan as to how they are going to free up the land.

  2. A well is dug, by several men and women over a few days, this well can be 4 – 5 meters deep and takes a lot of work to achieve.  Again this is the communities part in the preparation of a Malda.  Something that a community plans and implements.

  3. Then some brick layers (these can be local), but we have the privilege of an in house building team whom we trust to do a good job!  Build the sides of the well with sun dried and fired bricks provided by the community.

  4. A lid is cast in cement on the floor next to the Malda (note here that these bags of cement have been lugged on heads and shoulders for the best part of an hour

  5. The lid is moved by many men over the newly dug and brick lined well and the Malda hand pump installed in to the top, again using hand mixed cement.

  6. The Malda is left to set in its base and the pipes and rods are installed and the first water makes its appearance…


This Malda then joins our multi agency data base and is free for anyone in the world to have a look at  through the App on google and check it is functioning.  The community receive training on servicing and maintenance and they are fully aware of the Madzi Alipo call center to trouble shoot any more serious problems.  They create a committee and agree to pay into a fund for servicing and repairs.  They have a safe, sustainable water source well off the beaten track. 


The Madzi Alipo App and Data base are starting to show us where there are huge expanses of land where there are no water pumps and no roads.  As the Madzi Alipo app and management system takes shape in implementing a sustainable solution to enabling the long term use of water points that it will also create awareness and pressure to start building boreholes in these more far flung places that can only be reached with sheer determination and the will to make change.



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