can feed a child every school day for a year!
The good food project aims to provide breakfast for every child in our schools.
Giving children porridge their school attendance increases and children can concentrate better with full bellies.
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How you can help! 
The Porridge we use is called Likuni Phala and is essentially a fortified porridge with added vitamins and minerals 
Builds and entire school kitchen
  An amount you could work towards           through getting a group
  We are now feeding more than
7000 children
every day!



For a number of years, Fisherman’s Rest together with it’s partners, has been providing food to schools. Hungry children think about survival, not about going to school. Instead, in order to survive, they have to work in the fields or on the streets. Even if they do make it into the classroom, hunger will affect their ability to learn.

Through provision, support and training, Fisherman’s Rest administrates the Good Food (Chakudya Chabwino) project, feeding over 7000 school children every day during term-time. Fisherman's provides the porridge and parents cook it. Through providing local schools one good meal a day, hungry, poor children have full bellies, giving them the energy and opportunity to learn and flourish, creating better prospects for their future. 


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