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Cyclone Freddy APPEAL

Schools have been shut for the past few days.


The cyclone has unleashed torrents of water in built-up areas of Blantyre along the rivers, and terrible landslides have swept down hillsides. Boulders more enormous than houses have rolled down the mountainside leaving no trace of dwellings, humans or life behind. The plains in Chikwawa and Nsanje have again disappeared under water, leaving thousands of people displaced, cut off from the main roads and needing shelter, food and water.

If you would like to help.

We will be providing emergency food for displaced families.


We will be providing support in getting people medical attention where essential.


We will partner with others responding to this crisis for so many.


We will support the provision of shelters, blankets, pots and pans for those in desperate need.


We will maintain and service water points to re-ensate safe drinking water as an emergency response through Madzi Alipo.


We will be providing support for repairing and building local houses.

Please donate using the form below:

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