Helping girls and boys in Malawi make BRAVE life decisions.  Knowing safe and healthy life choices are possible.
Since 2015 we had the simple aim to support girls in rural Malawi through accurate education about their bodies and providing monthly dignity through cloth sanitary packs.  
The project works with boys to challenge in-equality and promote positive and safe school environments.
We have seen the project impact and change the lives of so many young people in Malawi.  We want to make this project accessible to all young people in schools in Madziabango and Nankhumba (about 2,800 -3,000 students annually).
To do this we need 388 supporters giving £10 a month
Raising a target of £46,000
We think it is possible!
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 Thank you!

33 Supporters so far

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Become a project:BRAVE supporter and receive project specific updates via e-mail (with photos and updates only found here Please give us your email when you donate) and a letter from a young person in Malawi telling you first hand about the project and its impact.

 Will cover the cost of 3 students attending the course each year
 Will cover the cost of 15 students attending the
course each year
 Covers the costs of 6 course
places each year, equipping young
lives for their futures
Each year around 3,000 students will participate.  Making lasting generational
one off Donation
Will help us reach our target for this year
£20 will help cover transport costs or
4 Cloth sanitary Packs


Girls in Malawi are often marginalised and discriminated against, one of the main reasons for this is poor understanding of menstruation and adolescent puberty.  We want to put a stop to this crippling problem and see that every girl has the opportunity to succeed alongside their male counterparts.

Our hope is that like minded women and men jump on board with us and fight for girls and boys to have a bright and equal future in Malawi.

When girls enter puberty and start menstruating they generally drop out of school. Toilets in schools have no water or lights, sorting yourself out in these conditions is neither hygienic or easy. Girls suffer medical problems from poor hygiene and culturally periods are not spoken about with boys or girls. 

Project:Brave is an annual course for girls and boys based on topics we have been teaching for the past 5 years - but in more detail, over a longer period of time.  The programme will be delivered to schools each year by four trained and qualified professionals, instead of over 3-5 years with only one full time member of staff as in Project My Girl.

The teaching curriculum has been written by Malawi College of Medicine and is based on research conducted by Unicef and PLAN international.

Each year a project report will be released to our supporters.

Thank you for believing in more for girls and boys in Malawi


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We want to be completely transparent with you.  If you would like more detail, budgets etc, please email

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