We have an ever expanding team that now surpasses the 100 mark. They really are the heart and soul of our operations, without their passion and drive all that we are able to achieve would grind to halt. So without further ado we would love to introduce you to some real life heroes!


Wiktor and Sue are the founders and visionaries of Fisherman's Rest. This formidable duo work tirelessly to see real transformation in Malawi and hold the entire team together.


Managing Fisherman's Rest and the projects through the rainy season is no mean feat however this young family never shy away from a challenge.


With a passion for all things poultry our chicken guru Bothwell can always be counted on to put a smile on your face.


Forever busy, Tiya works in admin, bottom line is she keeps most of us in check.


Appropriately named, Green is a lover all things that grow and his green fingers are the care takers of our tree nursery. He thinks he has the best job going and he might just be right.


Our master carpenter 'Mr Juma' loves vintage British tools and can make you pretty much anything. He loves to get into a project so he fits right in.


With a keen eye for detail Charles and his team are sure to make your stay as comfortable as possible


Nathan works mainly alonside our school projects.  Checking on the libraries and organising the monitors. He often bridges the language barrier during complex community negotiations. 


Tilitonse, our community centre, is a hive of activity and in charge of it all is our endlessly enthusiastic Blessings.


With a passion for gender equality, we are glad we have Esnat on-board as head of Project My Girl. 


The monitoring team are in schools micro-managing and reporting on our projects, they can also make mince meat out of a mountain on a bicycle!


Our accountant and number cruncher extraordinaire, manages to keep every penny or kwacha in check.  


Thanks to carefully drawn up blueprints by our draughtsman we have been able to continuously build in schools and communities .


Chifundo is our head of hospitality. She has a warm smile and is always happy making you feel at home. 


As head of our catering team Blessings runs a tight ship, just what we need to fuel busy bees.


Rather nifty with a sewing machine or pair of scissors, Emily is our in-house tailor and will make short work of all things fabric.


Mr Jimmy is our quartermaster.  He keeps track of all of the items coming in and out.  A busy job!  As a former actor and poet Jimmy is always interesting to talk with.  


William is our invaluable handy man. If something needs fixing he is almost always able to get it operational again in no time.


Ben is the proud foreman of our ever expanding building team with over 3 different building sites and 30 builders he is kept busy!

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