Wiktor and Sue are the founders and visionaries of Fisherman's Rest. This formidable duo work tirelessly to see real transformation in Malawi and hold the entire team together.


Growing up in Malawi until her teens, Beth has a passion for the country, community and all our projects.  Beth and Joe live and breath the projects…It's always hard to find them as they split here there and everywhere. Both are involved in project development, staff training and charity marketing.

ESNAT (right)

In moving towards gender equality, we are very glad that Esnat is on-board as head of Project BRAVE. 

MR JUMA (right)

The master carpenter 'Mr Juma' loves vintage British tools and can make you pretty much anything.  He is a font of wisdom and knowledge, surpassed by few.

TIYA (above)

Forever busy,

Tiya works in admin, bottom line is she keeps most of us in check.


With a passion for poultry and agriculture, Bothwell is a chicken guru and can always be counted on to put a smile on your face!


Tilitonse Community Centre is a hive of activity, in charge of it all is the endlessly enthusiastic Blessings.


Augustine is a lover of all things green. He spends his days in the tree nursery germinating seeds or in meetings to protect trees.  He thinks he has the best job going and he might just be right.

CHIFUNDO (above)

Chifundo is the head of hospitality. She has a warm smile and delights in making our guests and volunteers feel at home. 


As head of the catering team Blessings runs a tight ship, just what we need to fuel busy bees.


The monitoring team are in schools supporting and reporting on our projects, they can also make mince meat out of a mountain on a bicycle!

ALICK (right)

The accountant and number cruncher extraordinaire, manages to keep every penny or kwacha in check.  

WILSON (above)

Thanks to carefully drawn up blueprints by our draughtsman, we have been able to continuously build in schools and communities.

BEN (right)

Ben is the proud foreman of the building teams.  With over three different building sites and dozens of builders, he is always busy and very thankful to have just passed his driving licence!

JIMMY (right)

Jimmy keeps track of the store room.  Tools and equipment are maintained and signed in and out, thanks to Jimmy we always able to find and get hold of what we need.

WILLIAM (above)

William has been with us for a long time, a brilliant handy man. He can fix just about anything and is a vital member of the grounds team.