'MADZI ALIPO' means 'THERE IS WATER'. The vision of the programme is to ensure everyone has access to safe drinking water through maintaining and repairing their boreholes. Reducing strain on neighbouring working pumps, the use of river water and miles of walking.
This is carried out by our Madzi Alipo Team using our Malawian App and Database, which maps boreholes across Malawi and gives a history on each site. A Free tool, which is available to all organisations and individuals who need it.
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How you can help! 
Will service a borehole and restore it to normal working function and prevent a beakdown
Will fund a complete repair and train the community how to maintain and care for their borehole
boreholes repaired
To date!
Is how much it costs to dig and install a simple shallow 'malda pump' providing a rural community with water
GO BIG!  in many cases repairing a borehole 
where one already exists is the obvious option as
it can be done at a fraction of the cost of drilling
however drilling allows us to provide water in areas without boreholes. 
The Madzi Alipo App and Database identifies key
locations where boreholes are
desperately needed 
5  Boreholes
have been drilled


The Madzi Alipo strives to ensure that people living in rural communities have access to quality fresh water. 

Unlike many water projects, our focus is not on drilling new boreholes. Instead, we empower communities by teaching them to fix the pumps that they already have and help them to sustainably maintain and service their pumps to elongate the life of their pump, prevent huge expensive breakdowns and the need for outside help.

for each borehole, we survey the location and meet with the community. The community form a borehole committee of people who take responsibility for the pump. The committee collects funds to cover the repair costs of the borehole and are trained in basic repairs. During the repair and training data is recorded in our Madzi Alipo app. After the initial repair, we carry out a review visit to ensure the pump is in full working order. Support and further problems can be reported to our call centre.  The call centre follows up on all boreholes on the Database to give a picture of Malawi's water situation and a customer care service for communities offering feedback to agencies and government as well as practical troubleshooting for trained communities. 

The Madzi Alipo Database is an online resource which is funded by Fisherman's Rest Community Projects and the One Foundation. The database aims to; Provide accurate country wide data on water availability, improve collaboration between agencies working in the WASH sector, and enable accurate and timely feedback on Borehole status for agencies, organisations, partners and individuals. 


if you would like to join the madzi alipo app and database we offer training and support to enable you to get the best out of the system.  Please email​


Be part of something great and help bring water to people living in rural communities here in Malawi.

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