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"Giving every child the opportunity to flourish"


Back to School

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Madela


Building a future

We are working with over twenty four schools, across our two local districts.  Many of these schools have poor facilities and buildings, that simply aren't safe or not conducive learning environments.  We're building new classroom blocks which are light, bright, colourful and safe.  These buildings are well equipped facilities that students, teachers and the community are proud of.

Keeping clean

Health and equality as important as education, that is why we're building high quality toilets with handwashing facilities- which are built to last. The toilets are all vented, taking away the pong of traditional toilets and lids over the toilets are used to keep flies away. After all, if you’re fit and healthy, it’s easier to learn.



Secondary education isn't free in Malawi, so gifted students who can't afford the fees are supported through our sponsorship programme.

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The next step

There are more than twenty Primary Schools in our 2 nearest districts, and pre 2020, only two Secondary Schools. As a result, many gifted pupils haven’t had the opportunity to progress in their education (due to limited places and having to walk for up to 3 hours to attend school).  We are in the final stages of completing two more Secondary Schools, Horton Secondary School and Hope Secondary School. 

Good food 

At many of our Primary Schools and both our Secondary Schools, we provide a free meal from our school kitchens, before school begins.  We do this for a number of reasons.  At the times of year when food is scarce, it ensures students will attend school and that they arrive before lessons begin!  Also, a full belly makes learning and concentrating much easier.  We serve a form of porridge called Likhuni Phala, this meal is fortified with additional nutrients and vitamins,  that are often lacking from the local diet.


The libraries

In the past 6 years, through the support of our funders, we have built and fully stocked 8 libraries.  These are an incredible resource, equipped with curriculum educational books as well as story books to inspire and set the imagination going.  We ensure there is a combination of books in English and Chichewa.  Maintenance and quality of service is essential, so we employ a Malawian librarian that keeps the books organised and helps the children read and develop their English, this is particularly essential as upper primary age and all secondary lessons are taught in English.


At home in school

When teacher housing is on site, teachers are invariably on time for lessons and the school day is far less disrupted by weather or transport delays.  A good quality home also goes a long way to encourage teachers to stay at the schools, building rapport with students and relationship with the local community.


Poultry management is part of the curriculum, we believe one of the best ways to learn is through experience.  We have built chicken houses at a number of schools, provided chicks and ongoing training.  By employing a local poultry expert, we are able to ensure these chickens are well looked after by the students and trained in essential livestock keeping skills.  The eggs are sold locally and any profit helps support the school.



Each year during the rainy season, the rivers rapidly swell, making the journey to school dangerous or even impossible.  To prevent this, we have built bridges in key areas to make the journey to school safe.  The added benefit is that it also helps the wider community get to work, market, or hospital etc.  


Monthly donations are the most effective way to help to help us carry out this vital work, one off donations can also be life changing 

If you are not in a position to help financially, there are several ways in which you can still help us out. Simply by following us on our social media platforms and sharing our work with friends, family and colleagues, you can make a big difference in raising awareness. Alternatively, you could become a fundraiser. 

We also believe in the power of prayer, so if you're a person of faith, we would love your support and prayers.


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