The Classroom project aims to provide every child the opportunity to learn in a safe, comfortable and inspiring environment giving them the greatest potential to achieve their dreams.
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How you can help! 
Is the sum needed to build a double
classroom block. Is this something your organisation, company, university, 
school or church would
be able to support?
Pays for the construction of a triple
block just like this one, pictured, which 
we have just completed
at one of our primary schools.
10 Blocks
We have now constructed 10 blocks 
comprising of 23 classrooms 


Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and rural schools are not able to be developed or given the funding needed to run efficiently or well. Fisherman’s Rest, together with it’s partners, engage in numerous building programmes, whole schools, classrooms, kitchens, toilets, libraries as well as other development programmes within the community.



Due to the lack of or inadequate classrooms we see in schools we are building quality classrooms to facilitate learning and encourage a school to perform. The new classrooms are designed to be spacious, light, friendly and a welcoming environment for students and teachers. 

Teacher Housing

Where teacher housing is present staff are more likely to be on time for lessons and the school day is less disrupted by malawi's transport system. In such schools, staff attendance is improved. 


We are aiming to improve toilet facilities in the schools we work with.  No child should experience an undignified or unsafe hygiene practice.  Too Many of the schools have mud holes and poorly maintained walls, often without doors as toilets. We build good toilets, separating girls and boys, offering privacy, security and improved hygiene practices with hand washing facilities. 


In all our programmes, we first meet with the community and agree to work in partnership. For the buildings, we require the community to supply river sand and unskilled labour as their contribution to the project. Our partners then fund our building team to carry out the skilled building work using soil stabilised bricks rather then locally molded bricks which require kiln/wood curing.


The building projects have a massive impact in our area and we love working with partners to see these things happen. If you would like to partner with us or get more information about our building projects, please

e-mail to begin the conversation.


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