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What’s a porridge party?

Well, It’s one crazy idea we had to raise funds for likuni phala, a fortified porridge that Mary’s Meals and our “Good Food Project” serve up for breakfast every school day.

Instead of a bake sale, you could raise some funds and have a porridge party! We are thinking of a serving table full of different ways to pimp your porridge.

Blueberries, cinnamon and brown sugar? Or mango, honey and turmeric? Or baked Apple and salted caramel?

It’s an idea…

There are a LOAD more to download in our MIGHTY 13 fundraising pack, winging its way to you when you sign up!

And if you have some wild and wonderful ways to raise some more funds for school breakfasts in Malawi, then email us, or contact us via our social media channels. We want to hear from you.

… And if you decide to fundraise for us, we want to cheer you along the whole way too.

If you are part of a school and you’d like to partner with a school in Malawi when you raise funds, we would be thrilled to facilitate this with you!

We can even plan for some of our UK team to hang out with you for a morning, chat about Malawian schools and answer any questions you might have!

This also goes for Churches, WI groups, Scouts…

If you choose to step out of the boat for us, we will do everything we can to step out of the boat and support your efforts too!

Going to school to learn to read and write is one of life’s basic essentials.

But with hunger there is very little benefit when going to school. You are too hungry to think, to concentrate or retain anything being taught.

That is why we love to look at the WHOLE picture.

You can’t learn well without a classroom or chalkboard. You can’t learn well on an empty belly.

You can’t learn well without story books or curriculum books.

You can’t learn to write well without paper and pens.

You can’t stay safe whilst you learn, without clean water or a home free of violence.

This is what we do.

As a part of the Fisherman’s Rest family, when you support the Good Food Project, funding phala-porridge in schools, you are a key part of the big picture.

No single project is a “fixer”.

So adopting our unique model of multiple different projects in one area is a catalyst for community change, and we see the fruit of our multi-faceted projects and programmes Every.Single.Day

This is what we do.

Slowly, over time, the little pocket of Blantyre rural that we call home, will no longer be the 70% of the nation who live below the poverty line.

Do you want to be a part of the journey?

Sign up to be one of our 13 phala ambassadors, raising £1000 to cover the cost of 970 children who still need funds for school breakfasts this year.

That is £13.40 to serve ONE Child school breakfasts for a whole school year.

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