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Donated Desks Primed and Ready to Change School Learning Environments

Over 50% of Malawi's learners sit on the school floor and use their legs as a support to write on.

Why are school dropout rates in Malawi so high? If we look at learning environments, it's not hard to see that as students get older, attending school without a desk, dealing with toilets without doors and classrooms without curriculum books is tough.

Reports, studies and pupils tell us they feel hopeless and disheartened by the lack of resources to help them achieve their grades, to access secondary school and further education.

As an NGO in Malawi and a charity in the UK, our initial focus has been to support schools with infrastructure and resources. To build up learning environments with libraries, classrooms and books.

Working with Pembrokeshire County Council and Haverfordwest High has been a pleasure this year. As the secondary school moved to its new premises, we were given the opportunity to have whatever school supplies we could carry offsite to Malawi - including hundreds of donated desks.

Two container loads have now made their way down the West Coast of Africa around Cape Town and up the East Coast to ports in Mozabique, and carried by rail and road to Malawi Hundreds of desks, science benches, cabinets and flood relief items have escaped the skip and found incredible new homes in Malawian classrooms and local communities’

Where before September, there wasn't a desk or cabinet to be found, schools are now being well kitted out and equipped!

Here is the team in Wales packing the container in a matter of a few hours. DAYS of prep to run a smooth loading op is required, and we would like to say a HUGE thank you to old and new friends, Towy Church, Bethel Church and family for making this happen - TWICE!

Then, in Malawi, it was all hands on deck - TWICE - to offload the donated desks and equipment, stock take and log everything into the stores at Fisherman's Rest.

It's safe to say the back-breaking effort was worth it. Look at these smiles as school started again in Malawi.

Desks headed into Kachere Primary School & St Mary's Chimwabvi Primary School. Old desks were taken back to Fisherman's Rest for repair...

Schools delivery of Desk in Malawi boys carrying desks into classrooms

Transforming school into a place where it's easy to learn, with a full belly, and there are books to dive into - it's happening.

Thank you!

Some next steps:

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