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World Water Day 2024: Unraveling 'Water for Peace' in Malawi

Have you caught wind of this year's World Water Day theme? 

It's all about 'Water for Peace.' 

This isn't just another "awareness day." 

If you’ve followed along with Madzi Alipo, our water programmes, floods in Malawi - you know that water provision is still at crisis point. 

World Water Day serves is a global wake-up call! 

Understanding the role of water in peace and stability has never been more crucial. 

So, why's this big news for us? Because, you,  like us, are all about lending a hand, keeping the peace and cherishing our blue planet. Together we are in a unique position to make waves (pun intended!).

Group of Malawian community borehole repair team

In this post, we're diving into the nitty-gritty of 'Water for Peace,' and how we, big-hearted adventurers and planet lovers, can be part of a ripple effect for positive, REAL, innovative change and visible progress in Malawi. 

Madzi, Malawi and World Water Day.

This year, World Water Day is putting a spotlight on how vital water is to peace and prosperity worldwide. 

And it's not just about having enough to drink; it's about how water impacts conflicts, cooperation, and community growth. 

Picture this: communities thriving, because water's plentiful and well managed, versus the tension when it's scarce. That's what we're talking about here.

This is what the UN says:

Water for Peace

Water can create peace or spark conflict.

When water is scarce or polluted, or when people have unequal, or no access, tensions can rise between communities and countries.

More than 3 billion people worldwide depend on water that crosses national borders. Yet, only 24 countries have cooperation agreements for their shared water.

As climate change impacts increase, and populations grow, there is an urgent need, within and between countries, to unite around protecting and conserving our most precious resource.

Public health and prosperity, food and energy systems, economic productivity and environmental integrity all rely on a well-functioning and equitably managed water cycle.

That is reason enough for everyone to care about water.


The UN is talking on macro scale. But we see peace on community levels, when one community's pump breaks, people are forced onto the next pump.


💦 Builds queues for water. Waiting for hours.

💦 Excess pressure and demand on the working pump.

💦 Forces people to use contaminated streams and wells.

💦 Unrest between communities, as the risk to the working pump breaking increases.

💦 Upset at queues and the disruption to another village’s access to water.

Fisherman's Rest Community Projects are on the frontline - they're not just about providing water; they're about building peace, one water point at a time.

After repairing T/A Somba pumps (around 400) and keeping functionality at greater than 95% percent, our next biggest challenge was equipping people with skills to maintain water points and keep functionality at 95%. 

So we created the  Madzi App and call center, every three months, pump contacts are called and the system updated with functionality. Communities can call in to report problems and troubleshoot difficult repairs. 

This has been an effective, but staff-heavy model. 

T/A Somba remains at a record-breaking 95% functionality rate. Unheard of across most of Malawi.

Charities and WASH players have for years been working on systems that can be implemented across the country, to monitor functionality. With technology developing, it is a tangible possibility. 

We are working with global partners on sensors that allow real-time updates to communicate water point functionality. 

Madzi and T/A Somba pumps have been test prototypes for the past few years, reporting efficacy back to developers and suggesting design modifications. 

We are currently awaiting a shipment of the next prototype.

What This Means For You

So, what's this got to do with you? A whole lot! 

Whether you're planning your next sustainable adventure, looking to support a trustworthy cause, or simply want to live more sustainably, 'Water for Peace' is a call to action. 

World Water Day is about making choices that support water sustainability and, by extension, local and global peace. 

Think about it. Every time you back a project like Fisherman's Rest, you're not just giving water; you're fostering peace. 

That's powerful!

What You Can/Could/Should Do Now…

Do you fancy dipping your toes in the water of global water security? Here’s three simple ways you can make a difference:

💦 Educate Yourself and Others: Knowledge is power. The more you know about the water-peace connection, the bigger impact you can make.

💦 Support Water Projects: Get involved with initiatives like Fisherman's Rest. Your support goes beyond water; it's a peace mission. Donate to our water projects here.

💦 Live Sustainably: Every drop counts. Conserve water, reduce waste, and make choices that benefit our planet.

World Water Day 2024. 'Water for Peace' isn't just a theme; it's a movement, and we're all part of it. Let's make this World Water Day a turning point, not just for us, but for communities worldwide. 

Let’s make 2024 count. 

Inspired to take action? Join our community of difference-makers. 

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