TREE TWINNING "...My Christmas tree lasts beyond 2020!" - Mike

  • Wooden Slice Baubles, from sustainable Welsh coppice.  

    Our beautiful wooden slices are handmade in the UK.  Pyrograph stamped 2020, to show you have twinned your tree this year.

    Each bauble is unique and differs in shape and size

    Packaged in a recyclable Christmas gift box, with an optional personalised message.

Create an impact beyond your living room this Christmas


Twin your Tree and you will be planting a native tree in Malawi this January.  Malawi suffers with one of the fastest deforestation rates in the world.


One football pitch worth of trees is destroyed every ten minutes. 


Why? for cooking building and land clearance.  It is estimated that if global deforestation continues at the current rate, there will be no rainforests left in 80 years time.


Your purchase includes crucial long term environmental education and sustainable forest management. Right from your living room this Christmas, you are impacting lives for the better 7,000 miles away.


Your handmade wooden baubles have been pre-gifted by an external donor, so that 100% of profits from your purchase can go directly to planting trees and long term environmental education in communities, schools and prisons.

The baubles are sustainable Welsh ash, made in West Wales, each is unique and will differ slightly in shape and size.

They come packaged in a recyclable Christmas gift box. 


If you are buying a bauble as a gift for a friend and would like to add a personal message, write it in the message box at the checkout.

“I remember when I was a little boy, there were forests and monkeys and even impala to find. 


In just my life, there are no big trees. 


Because of the programmes we can take part, in I now have big Mbawa trees, big ones I can pass to my children and my village has a safe forest for small trees which we protect. 


Things are changing and it is better” - Mr Chain

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